It Takes A Lot of Resources To Keep A Quarter-ton Super Chub Maintained

From regular, large amounts of food to general upkeep. I also go through certain kinds of furniture and clothing quicker just because of my sheer mass.

There are some great guys who contribute to my feeding and upkeep which enables me to do all the fun super chub things like squashing little guys and making new videos. It’s my feeders who are the unsung heros and I’m going to dedicate this page to them, and I’m considering ways to help recognize the valuable service they provide me.

Want to feed anonymously?

I understand the desire for privacy so I’m offering a way for you to feed me anonymously. Use the buttons below to select a denomination for your nutritional update and fill out the secure payment form to feed me completely anonymously. Use a new or disposable email address to be truly anonymous, and obviously, there are no refunds. Lol  Your credit card statement will show a charge to ‘BBP Media’ for discretion.

Chubby Chap is available for live chat at the bottom of the page